Custom Homes in Maryville, TN

Looking to purchase or build a new home in Blount or Knox County, Tennessee? PC Restorations owns subdivisions in the area that are perfect for your family. If you are struggling to find a home that fits your price range, or not finding a layout that meets your needs consider building a custom home with us!

We own land in desired neighborhoods that are available for purchase. We build to suit which means that the typical construction time is about 4 to 6 months versus an average of 10 to 16 months with a home builder. Our floor plans options result in fewer delays so you are moving in to your new home in no time!
Custom Home — Remodeling Contractor in Maryville, TN
Home Building — Remodeling Contractor in Maryville, TN
House Remodeling — Remodeling Contractor in Maryville, TN

Choose The Floor Plan That Meets Your Needs

Types of Homes We Build

Single Family Homes
Prices Range from $179.9 to $359.9
Living Space Ranges From 1,609 SF to 3,100 SF

PC Restorations even has in-house realtors available. For more information about residential development property available, call PC Restorations today at 865-233-5753. Find more information about developments and move in ready homes our partner website with Pankratz Construction